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Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Mitigation Services

Accurate Corrosion Control Inc. of Phoenix Arizona specializes in:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Surveys / Monitoring
  • Material
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Full Service Corrosion Mitigation Company

Accurate Corrosion Control, Inc. "ACCI" is a full service Corrosion Mitigation Company. ACCI specializes in providing corrosion control materials and Cathodic Protection services. All of our activities are performed by or under the direct supervision of NACE International Corrosion / Cathodic Protection Specialists and / or Professional Engineers.

Accurate Corrosion Project Highlights

Accurate Corrosion Control, Inc (ACCI) has performed thousands of projects since 1984.

  • Close Interval Survey (CIS): ACCI has performed thousands of miles of on - off, and depolarized CIS.
  • Short Location: ACCI has located and cleared hundreds of "shorts" involving complex gas distribution systems along many miles of piping.
  • Deep Anode Groundbed Installation: ACCI has hundreds of successful deep groundbed installations of various design.
  • Rectifier Influence Studies: ACCI has performed multiple rectifier influence studies to identify client and foreign CP system influences, determine CIS interruption plans and to follow up areas of concern identified in CIS involving multiple pipeline operators.
  • CP Remote Monitoring Units (RMU's): ACCI has installed, commissioned, and maintained hundreds of remote monitoring units involving many types of units and applications.
  • AC Mitigation: ACCI has experience in AC mitigation design studies and remedial activity installations.


  • EngineeringAccurate Corrosion Control, Inc. Engineering department is comprised of NACE certified engineers and engineering technicians. The engineering departments technical knowledge, field experience and CAD capabilities enable us to provide practical field proven engineering techniques to complete CP design projects nationwide for the gas, petroleum, water, power, nuclear and hydro industries.


  • ConstructionNACE certified and operator qualified (ISNetworld, Veriforce, NACE) cathodic protection construction professionals providing CP construction services to the gas, petroleum, water, power, nuclear and hydro industries since 1984 providing services in CA, NV, AZ, NM, TX and UT.

    Surveys / Monitoring

  • Surveys / MonitoringNACE certified and operator qualified (ISNetworld, Veriforce, NACE) cathodic protection survey professionals providing quality data in a professional format within your timeline, services offered nationwide to the gas, petroleum, water, power, nuclear and hydro industries nationwide.


  • MaterialsAccurate Corrosion Control Inc. (ACCI) is a supplier of Cathodic Protection anodes, rectifiers, junction boxes, permanent reference electrodes, testing equipment, and test stations.

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