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    Accurate Corrosion Control Engineering Services

    Cathodic Protection Specialists - Professional Engineering

    Cathodic Protection SpecialistsAccurate Corrosion Control, Inc. "ACCI" has a full service Engineering Department capable in all phases of corrosion control projects. Our Engineering Department in conjunction with our Construction and Survey Departments allow ACCI to offer "Turn Key" services to our clients. All of our activities are performed by or under the direct supervision of National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Cathodic Protection Specialists and / or Professional Engineers.

    Engineering Services Include:

    • Cathodic Protection Design and Specifications
    • CAD Drawings
    • Pre-Design Survey Analysis
    • Material Selection and Specifications
    • Cathodic Protection System Commissioning
    • Interference Investigations
    • Consultation for Regulatory Compliance
    • Coating Specifications
    • Influence Surveys
    • ECDA Program Implementation
    • Anomaly Investigation
    • Solar Design and Specification

    Facilities and Industries that ACCI has provided services for:

    • Nuclear Power Plant Facilities
    • Pipelines (refined petroleum, natural gas, and water)
    • Fuel Storage Tanks
    • Water Tanks (external and internal)
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Hydro-electric Dams
    • Solar Plants

    Accurate Corrosion Control Construction Services

    Cathodic Protection Construction

  • Cathodic Protection ConstructionAccurate Corrosion's Construction Services are staffed by cathodic protection (CP) professionals that have successfully completed thousands of cathodic protection construction projects since 1984. ACCI's construction personnel are operator qualified (ISNetworld, Veriforce, NACE), DOT compliant and confined space trained. Projects range in size and scope and have been completed in CA, NV, AZ, NM, TX and UT.
  • New - Upgrades - Maintenance - Repairs:

    • CP - Impressed Current (Underground or Water Applications)
      - Rectifiers and Junction Boxes
      - Solar Power Supplies
      - Deep Anode Beds
      - Conventional Anode Beds
      - Water Tanks, Basins, Water Boxes
    • CP - Sacrificial (Underground or Water Applications)
    • Remote Monitoring Units (RMU) for Rectifiers, Bonds, Test Stations
    • AC Mitigation (Zinc Ribbon, Copper Cable, Point Grounds)
    • Joint Bonding
    • Test Facilities
      - Test Stations
      - Test Coupons
      - Stationary Reference Electrodes

    Accurate Corrosion Control Surveys / Monitoring Services

    NACE Certified Survey Professionals

  • NACE Certified Survey ProfessionalsAccurate Corrosion Control, Inc "ACCI" Provides its clientele with NACE certified and operator qualified (ISNetworld, Veriforce, NACE) cathodic protection survey professionals. ACCI strives to insure that quality data is gathered and presented in a professional format that meets each of our clients specific needs and time lines. Our survey services can be provided nation wide.
    • Rectifier Monitoring and Cathodic Protection Surveys (Bi-Monthly, Annual, Compliance)
    • Close Interval Surveys (Traffic or Non-Traffic Areas)
      - Interrupted
      - Static
      - Polarization
    • Coating Surveys (New Construction or Existing Pipelines / Tanks)
      - DCVG
      - ACVG and ACCA (PCM)
      - Pearson
      - Holiday Detection
    • Rectifier Influence Studies
    • Depth of Cover Pipeline Surveys
    • Short Location
    • Pipeline Continuity Testing (CCP, PCCP, and DIP Pipelines)
    • CP System Troubleshooting
    • Remote Monitoring Units (RMU)- Data Review and Management
    • Soil and Water Corrosively Testing (Resistivity and Chemistry)
    • Isolation Testing (Casings, Facilities, Dielectric Flanges and Fittings)
    • GPS with Sub-Meter or Sub-Foot Accuracy Available with All Surveys

    Accurate Corrosion Control Materials Services

    Cathodic Protection Materials and Equipment

  • Cathodic Protection EquipmentAccurate Corrosion Control Inc, (ACCI) Supplies cathodic protection materials and equipment. We are distributors or suppliers for the following:
    • M. C. Miller Co.
    • Dairyland Electrical Industries
    • GMC Electrical Inc.
    • JA Electronics Mfg. Co.
    • Tinker & Rasor
    • Brance-Krachy Co., Inc
    • Newbasis
    • Brooks Products
    • Mesa Products
    • TESTOX Cathodic Protection
    • Central Plastics Company
    • ERICO
    • LORESCO International