100 AMP GPS Current Interrupter

100 AMP GPS Current Interrupter
Dimensions: L: 9in  x  W: 16in  x  H: 13in
Product Code: Model Quasar
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The Quasar 100 AMP GPS Current Interrupter has an updated GPS system which includes a removable magnetic-mount GPS antenna. The antenna has a magnetic location on the panel, and a 15' lead to relocate the antenna to a more suitable location for satellite reception.

The outside panel of the Quasar has three sets of connection points

  •  Small banana jacks for systems of less than 5A
  •  Large connection for systems over 5A
  •  AC power connection - Auto senses either 110v or 240v AC. No switch necessary.


Main Features


  • Interrupt 100 AMP  @ 120 Volt (12,000 Watt Max).
  • GPS Controlled
  • Cycles between 000.005's and 999.999s
  • 12v Rechargeable Battery
  • 110V - 240v Auto sensing AC power supply
  • Manuel Sync Feature
  • 72+ Hour Backup Battery
  • Transfer program information to multiple units
  • GPS unit can sync non-GPS units
  • Removable magnetic mount GPS antenna
  • All connections made outside of case
  • Keypad operation with large LCD screen
  • Banana Jacks for interrupting low current (<5 A)
  • 10 Memory Program
The new case of the Quasar has numerous improvements over the previous version, such as:
  • Larger heat sink
  • In-case storage of cables
  • Small banana connectors for small systems
  • Lockable, with lid locked or opening
  • Tan color reduced heat in the field, and blends with surroundings
Instrument Includes
  • Model Quasar GPS Current Interrupter
  • Battery
  • Connection Cable Large Set (1)
  • Connection Cable Small Set (1)
  • Sync / Data cable (USB A/B) (1)
  • 9v Watchdog Battery (2)
  • Power cable, AC (120v/240v) (1)
  • User Manuel
  • Warranty Card

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