Analog Tank Test Kit

Analog Tank Test Kit
Analog Tank Test Kit Analog Tank Test Kit Analog Tank Test Kit
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Analog Tank Test Kit

Our Analog Tank Test Kit represents an easy-to-use testing kit, allowing both “structure-to-soil” and “structure-to-structure” voltage readings to be taken on above-grade and under-ground storage tanks.

The voltmeter included in the kit, the “Model IA” voltmeter, is designed for ease of use by meter readers and corrosion technicians alike and the voltmeter comes with an integrated RE-5 reference electrode attached for “metallic structure-to-soil” potential difference readings. The kit also includes a special test lead that has a brass thumb screw on one end which allows the test lead to substitute for the RE-5 reference electrode. This substitution allows the voltmeter to take “structure-to-structure” potential difference readings. The voltmeter offers a 0 - 2VDC range with a 10MΩ input impedance and the analog display presents a color divided scale for convenient indication as to whether or not a carbon-steel structure is receiving a suitable level of cathodic protection, with respect to the accepted 0.85V (850mV) threshold value.

Note: Only positive voltage values are displayed

•  RE-5 reference electrode included
•  8’ black test lead with 46C clip included
•  8’ green test lead with 27C clip and brass thumb screw included

Analog Voltmeter Specifications:

•  2½" taut-band rugged instrument
•  Weatherproofed neoprene gasket
•  10 MΩ input resistance
•  Solid-state impedance amplifier
•  Operates on one small 9V transistor battery, low drain - long shelf life push switch to check battery condition, battery easily replaced and readily available.
•  Push switch to read potentials, current drain only while taking readings.
•  Scale marked 0VDC to 2VDC, color band: Red to 0.85VDC, Green to 2VDC.
•  Filter eliminates errors caused by AC, Up to 50 volts 50/60 Hz
•  Operating temperature: 0°F to 150°F
•  Molded PVC housing
•  Plastic carrying case with resilient padding
•  Modular construction
•  Weight: 3 lbs.
•  Size: 2 ½" deep x 10" long (including the reference electrode).

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