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The ALL NEW TS-8 Probe allows faster, easier locating with greater accuracy and distance than ever before attained with other standard locators. The TS-8 Probe connects to the Detectron 505 “Go-Fer” Receiver input jack. Locating and depth determination are absolutely unsurpassed. The TS-8 Probe takes the back-bending work out of pipe and cable locating.


  • Easy to operate
  • Unaffected by surface cover
  • Light Weight
  • Telescoping handle
  • Rugged Construction
  • Water resistant
  • Depth locator "Bubble"
  • Instrument
  • Instruction Manual


TS-8 Pipe Depth Determination: (See illustration below)
First locate the exact center of the pipe by crossing the line with the TS-8 Probe in the vertical position. A sharp “NULL” or (loss of signal) will be noted when you’re directly over the center of the pipe line. (A) Mark this location and then moving 90 degree from the pipe with the bubble centered in the 45 degree angle gauge and holding the probe tip close to the ground until another “NULL” (B) is detected. This will form an equilateral triangle with L1 equal to L2. This distance from “B” to “A” will be the depth of the buried pipe.

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