Corrosion Sensor

Corrosion Sensor
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Model CSP-1 Corrosion Sensor, Accurately Measure Corrosion Rates Underground on Carbon Steel


  • Carbon Steel Element
  • Works with or without CP applied
  • Low-profile of element facilitates installation under polyethylene encasement
  • Compatible with all standard ER instruments
  • 25’ (7.6m) cable with standard 6-pin connector
  • Additional pigtail lead for connection to CP


  • Element made for Carbon Steel for accurate corrosion loss readings.
  • Built for harsh underground environments.
  • Measurement span (Life) Nominal 25 mils (0.63mm).
  • Measurement element areas: 1 in² (6.5 cm ²).
  • Mil-spec 6-pin connector.
  • Cable length 10' ribbon (3m) + 15' round (4.5m).
  • Breakout wire for connection to CP.
  • Flat ribbon cable for low profile along pipe.


  • (1) CSP-1 Carbon Steel Corrosion Sensor


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